Student Assistant for Interactive Web-based Visualization of Robot Process Data

We are looking for a student worker to extend an existing VueJS-based web front-end to provide dynamic and interactive views on data gathered from shopfloor robots.

The context of this work is within the RoboCup Logistics League, where autonomous robots assemble products that are dispatched by a central game controller, the refbox. The refbox maintains knowledge of all ongoing activities, stores it into a MongoDB database and provides a REST-API for its web front-end.

While the front-end is targeted towards referees so far, giving control to the game flow and displaying important log information, we want to extend the front-end to also become appealing for passive observers of the game, which mainly want to follow the current activities. Using the available information of the refbox, various interesting questions could be answered through a proper visualization, such as:

  • Which orders are currently being produced and what is their progress?
  • Which steps are still needed to finish a particular order?
  • Which production path did a particular workpiece take so far (and which robots were responsible for that)?
  • How will the score of the teams change in the future if they succeed with building the products they started?

As individual viewers have different interests in mind, the front-end needs to offer customization options to display relevant information. Intuitive controls should allow people to follow along the activities, even though they might have no further understanding of the production details on the shopfloor.


We want you to help us realizing our ideas, while also giving you the chance to shape this project with your own creativity and skills. The key aspects of the work include

  • Design the extension of the front-end, including decisions on suitable libraries for the given requirements.
  • Create a user-friendly UI for our application domain.


  • Experience in web development and design (JavaScript, Node.js, preferably also Vue.js)
  • Basic understanding of git
  • (optional) Basic knowledge about MongoDB

What do we offer?

We offer you a friendly environment, where you can use your skillset to build web front-end features that will be widely used across the RoboCup Logistics League and possibly also deployd at various competitions around the world. You get involved in major design decisions and shape the project with your creativity, giving you the opportunity to work with modern technology in web development. In our KBSG lab, a cozy workplace awaits you, including workstations that you can use for the development tasks. These machines can also be used if you prefer remote work, as access via VNC can be configured.

We offer a contract for 4-5 Month for about 12 hours a week (the specifics are negotiatable).


If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact Tarik Viehmann (